Sunday, December 9, 2012

One of my favourite bits

It’s been another busy week in our household. The job interview I mentioned last week turned into an offer of employment so I have been busy filling out paperwork. I will tell you more about my new job soon. Youngest daughter received an offer for Uni so she is very excited. My husband and I had three Christmas parties in a row and we are exhausted!
As promised I will put up one of my favourite bits from my ‘book’. I hope you like it. I will put up some more in a few weeks.

Favourite bit number one:

Are you going?’ Leah was looking at the clock.

‘I’m a bit tired.’

‘You know you’ll feel good if you go.’

‘Alright, Suzie and Victoria have promised they’ll come.’

You guys will never keep it up. We have a bet on to see how long you’ll all last. Don’t go for a drink after, you promised to take it seriously.’

Zumba has come to town. Lily went for the first time last week and the hall was jam-packed. Did she really want to go back and make a fool of herself again?

Suzie and Victoria were there when she arrived. The gorgeous Kelly was up on the stage and it looked really easy when she did it.

Lily, Suzie and Victoria puffed their way through the lesson. When they finished they congratulated each other on surviving another week.

‘Let’s go get a glass of champers.’ Lily said to Victoria as they picked up their bags.

‘Forget a glass, let’s get a bottle. Are you coming Suzie?’

Victoria and Lily went out to the bar while Suzie had a chat to Mary.

‘I’m dead!’ Lily flopped into the chair.

‘Me too, that was bloody hard.’ Victoria fell into her chair.

‘Where’s Suzie?’

Victoria turned to the door and burst out laughing. ‘Here she comes, quick get the walking frame out!’

‘What the hell do we think we’re doing? I hate Kelly. She’s so perky and fit.’ Suzie collapsed into her seat and pulled out her towel to wipe away the sweat.

‘Who’s going to the bar? Maybe we can just shout our order from here ... Steve ... a bottle of bubbles please.’

Steve looked over and started laughing. ‘Have you lot been to Zumba?’

‘Yes,’ they replied.

He brought a bottle and glasses to the table. ‘Can’t have you getting up and walking to the bar now can we?’

‘Thanks,’ they responded.

Victoria poured the drinks and they raised their glasses.

Suzie proposed a toast. ‘Cheers to perky bloody Kelly.’

‘Cheers to perky bloody Kelly,’ Lily and Victoria chimed in.

I've not had a lot of reading time but am trying to get through Secret Mothers' Business by Joanne Fedler.



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