Sunday, December 2, 2012

Moving on

the tray is empty and ready for a new project
November was a big month for our family. There was a lot happening and some big events took place including finishing HSC exams, skydiving, a birthday event and a school formal. The end of semester and assignment deadlines were looming and a job interview needed some preparation. I ran out of steam for Nano. My word count was nearly 8000 and I am proud of what I have written but know I don't have the discipline to write 100,000 words. During the next few weeks I will put up some of my favourite bits but It is time to put the ‘book’ away and move on.

I will still write and tweet about whatever pops up as we figure out the ‘empty nest’ chapter of our lives. As promised I have figured out how to put photos on! I hope you continue to stop by and see what’s happening.
 Less Than Perfect by Ber Carroll is all I have had a chance to read.


  1. Kerry, I really enjoy your blog updates. Keep them up! I look forward to your posts about the changes in your lives. xxx

    1. Thanks Debbie, the changes keep on happening!