Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

We do a fairly low key Christmas here. Everyone is on holidays and looking forward to putting their feet up before a new year of change for us all.

Enjoy your Christmas and have fun.

I have just started reading The Harp in the South by Ruth Park. An Australian classic I have never read.


  1. I'm going to miss your blog, Kerry! I love reading your updates on what the Malones are doing. But a big exciting year ahead. Hopefully I'll be doing some work too, though only intend to go part time. I'm already volunteering one day a week but it would be nice to earn a little bit of money too. Another day or so a week would work quite well I think! Enjoy your e-reader. I'll be interested to see what you get. I have a Sony Reader which I love the size and feel of but it is very clunky to set up on line and to actually put books on it! I'm reading Anna Funder's "All That I Am" right now, nearly finished. It's my book club book for this month. Next on my list is also a Ruth Park book called "Missus" which I picked up at a book fair in England of all places. I hope you enjoyed Harp in the South. It's a great book.
    Love, Deb xxx

  2. Hi Debbie

    Thanks for your kind words. The blog may come back - later!

    I now have a Kobo Mini - it's so cute! I found 'Harp in the South' hard going but did love the story.

    I hope you find some part-time work you love and that I survive full-time!

    Talk soon.