Sunday, December 4, 2011

My writing course is done!

I sent off my final assignment this morning. It was an interesting experience. Finding the time to go through the modules, do the activities and then the assignment each week was the first challenge. During the last five weeks we have had a couple of large proofreading jobs, been to Melbourne for a couple of days and I have worked lots of extra days at the library.

The course was pretty intense with a lot to get through in five weeks. I received great feedback from my tutor and did learn where my strengths lie.

I now have lots of bits of paper with notes written all over them to sort out and I have started rewriting one of my stories which I think has the potential to be a good one. I did give it to a number of small friends to read and they gave great feedback! I also have the outline for a 'Women's fiction' story which came out of one of the assignments we had to do.

This course led me all over the place and honed in on two potential stories which I now will spend time writing, rewriting and rewriting again!

I have immersed myself in Children's and Young Adult books and have loved Looking for Allibrandi, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, lots of lovely picture books, The Famous Five and The Magic Faraway Tree. I have a list of grownup books to start reading when I finish The Famous Five series.  

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