Sunday, November 6, 2011

Decisions have been made and acted upon!

I overcame a huge challenge today. I have started a 'writing for children' course and sent off my first assignment today! During the last few months of procrastination I have been reevaluating what to do with myself and have made some decisions.

I love working at our local library and learning how it all works and have decided to enrol at CIT and do a Certificate in Library Studies. Most of the course is available online with some workshops in Canberra.  Scary but exciting!

We have a new children's room in our library and I have been doing storytelling sessions with the preschoolers and having a ball. This led me to dragging out a couple of stories I had written and enrolling in a five week online course. Each Sunday I have to produce an assignment and week one is done!

I love these online courses. It means I can work from home at my own pace and not have to travel to classes. Support is available and there is the opportunity to talk with classmates all around the world.

Proof-right is still up and running but as Janine and I have had more work with our casual jobs recently we have not got out and done the marketing we were hoping to do.  For me this will change as I settle in to the routine of work and study.

I have also started going swimming and cutting back on all the crap I eat and drink! I have been swimming at indoor pools in Canberra but tomorrow I brave the cold water of our local pool and see how I go.

Wow I am impressed with that list!  What I have to do now is get on with it. My challenge is to keep all these activities up.
  • With the study I will have no choice - assignments are expected.
  • Proof-right needs to be marketed so that we can do the jobs we want to do and earn some money to pay for all my classes!
  • Get fit stuff - well, I will have more time for the first two points if I swim in town. I will save three hours in travelling each time I swim and money if I cut down the coffees, glasses of wine and chocolate.
I will keep you all informed how I go!

I have been reading Enid Blyton's Famous Five series and loving them!

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