Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sheep do have legs!

We have had a fabulous August. The highlight was our trip to Sydney with our girls to see Pink! What an amazing experience!

We stayed in an awesome apartment and went to High Tea at the Westin and to the Opera House to see an opera! We celebrated my husband’s birthday while we were there and had drinks in beautiful old buildings and breakfast in cafes with harbour views. I love having fun in Sydney!

We have stayed at the hotel before – in 2007, but it was a much different story.

Those who have read my previous blog will know my eyesight drama story and when we last stayed at The York I was just about blind and in Sydney to have some major surgery. It was a very different visit to the one we just experienced. After we checked into our hotel in 2007 we went for a walk and it was getting dark. For me it was a nightmare of flashing lights from cars and shops and not being able to see where I was going and despite the efforts of my family I couldn’t see people walking towards me and was knocked around a fair bit. In the end I went back to the hotel to lay down in the dark and try to get rid of the pounding headache I had.

This trip was different. I could see the amazing view from our balconies (yes balconies) and appreciated the gorgeous apartment we were in. The crowds didn’t bother me at all as I wandered the streets at night and during the day with my family. I saw Pink and the Opera and shopped and none of it gave me a headache – well maybe too much sun at Circular Quay!

View from our apartment!

August 15 was the anniversary of the last surgery to restore my sight and six years on I still don’t take my sight for granted but notice colour and beauty all around me. I often think about the team of doctors who looked after me and wonder what new, amazing procedures they are doing six years on. 

At this time of year I have a huge smile on my face when I drive past paddocks of sheep and their beautiful lambs (not to forget the gorgeous calves). What I do notice particularly is that yes, sheep do have legs because for quite a while a few years ago I couldn't see them!
I have been reading lots of children’s and YA books this month. Janine has been proofreading the stories for my great-niece and my crocheting is improving! Ah, life with great eyesight!




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