Sunday, November 18, 2012

My secretive family

I have just had the best weekend. It was my birthday during the week and my family and I were heading into Canberra for dinner  and to see Denise Scott at the Canberra Theatre. My husband and I were staying over at a very nice hotel and having a shopping day today.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the restaurant and the table was booked for 10! There are only four of us and in walked some of my best friends and neighbours. And they were all coming to the theatre too!

We had a lovely night and Denise was hilarious. I can’t believe they all kept the secret. This outing has been planned for months apparently and no one said a word. Even youngest daughter didn’t say a word when I was giving her a hard time about driving home after the show and trying to convince her to stay over as well. She had plenty of company for the drive as the car was full of my friends.

I did finish Love Letters but haven’t read anything else as the end of semester is looming and I have work to do.  Assignments have left NaNo behind too.

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