Sunday, November 4, 2012

After the HSC - jump out of a plane!

This weekend has been a big one for our family. On Friday our youngest daughter finished her HSC! When I saw her after the exam her face was lit up with relief and excitement. We went to dinner with another family and their now finished HSC student. It is a strange time for them now as they wait to move on to the next stage of their lives.

After a late night we had an early start to head down to the coast for my husband and now finished HSC daughter to do their first skydive. It was so exciting! Uni student daughter and I are not inclined to dare-devil activity and we were happy to stay out on the deck at the airport watching the sky, taking photos and cheering the skydivers. This was a present to our youngest for her 18th birthday and my husband has always wanted to have a go. Needless to say they loved it and wanted to go up again. My husband says he will go again but only if I go too. In his dreams! My dare-devil inner self was let loose a number of years ago for a significant birthday when I went up in a balloon. That was amazing and I would love to go again. It’s such a shame it happens at such an ungodly hour and now we would need to leave home around 3am to get there on time. He says he isn’t too keen on the balloon idea but is happy to jump out of a tiny plane at 14,000 feet!

Nano is happening too. I have actually written about 5,000 words at this point.

I am still on Love Letters by Katie Fforde. It's been a bit busy around here but I must make some time for reading.

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