Sunday, September 30, 2012

Offline October

I have decided to attempt Offline October. What a great idea! I have been spending too much time wandering around the internet, reading this and that and before I know it hours have passed. I haven’t done enough CIT work this semester, I have written very little of my ‘book’ and not spent any time figuring out and writing interesting blog posts. If I limit my internet time to one hour a day imagine how much writing can be done?

As I now know how the camera works my plan was to take photos for this blog and for one of my CIT assignments. How many photos have been taken? Not one! It’s time to get out and about with the camera.

 My goals for October:

Ø  spend more time on CIT work
Ø  write blog posts and take photos
Ø  write my ‘book’
Ø  read some of the books on the pile by my bed
Ø  don't waste time on the internet!
Have a look at

I am reading The Charm Bracelet by Melissa Hill.

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