Thursday, April 12, 2012

Confessions of a mature age student

We are on a break at the halfway point of the first semester of my course. The work is getting more challenging and it is becoming harder to sit down and do the study.  Life in the country is busy and although it is no excuse that's just the way it is.  I logged in to do an online test the other night only to discover it went for over two hours.  As it was a test reliant on my memory, which is not at its best these days, it would be better to do this one when my brain is not tired. I have nothing but admiration for my classmates who are doing this course full-time and have jobs and family committments.

It is also time to reflect on how far I have come during the last few months. From the first day when I felt totally out of my depth I have learned so much and don't feel out of place on campus any more. Most of the students are so young but there are a few of us in the mature age demographic! I don't sit by myself for lunch every week now - sometimes I sit with my classmates!

My 'book' is still untouched but there are ideas floating around in my head to put down on paper - maybe I will create a character who is studying. We have done some proofreading and I am reading How to Make Gravy by Paul Kelly. It's a big book but a great read.

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